He’s in stable condition

A Florida Panther took a skate to the neck. This is completely horrible.

Of course it’s on YouTube:

(If that video gets taken down, there’s footage on the ESPN link above.)

How do they not stop the game? Unless a guy dies on the ice they don’t stop the game?


6 Responses to “He’s in stable condition”

  1. zachary Says:

    they dont stop football when people get hit and their spinal cord is severed (happened this year..) youre not condemning football.

    but in both situations, its tough to make a decision to continue.

  2. sloan Says:

    i promise that if i had posted about a football injury it i would have condemned them for doing the same thing. it’s not my anti-hockey bias coming into play.

    though there’s something especially unsettling (though probably less permanently damaging) about seeing all that blood on the ice. spinal cord injuries are worse though.

  3. broseph Says:

    man, what a terrible way to start the post-football sports void. hey kids, hockey is a fun spot right? ready to be traumatized for life while watching it?

  4. zachary Says:

    jerro, your second paragraph there sums it up pretty well. i briefly talked to reese about it and he said hes surprised it doesnt happen more often. that might be the second time in my life thats happened. i feel like i can remember another time in the mid 90’s.

    severe football injuries seem to happen a lot more than hockey. even a bad puck to the face doesnt seem to happen that often, the only one i can recall is steve yzerman, his had to be the worst ive seen. kinda strange that for how brutal hockey really is, there are realatively few severe injuries.

    lesson?: play tennis/golf.

    but i agree, in those times, it should be up to the players to decide if they want to continue, and id bet that the majority (all) of athelets dont want to finish the game after seeing something like that happen.

  5. sloan Says:

    one time, at a pickup hockey game (i’m sure kenny was playing too), dave thompson hit the ref in the face with the puck. it was really scary–i thought for sure the dude was going to lose an eye. dave had a slapshot like no other kid his age.

    but, yeah, it’s strange you don’t see it more often. once one guy gets decapitated out there they’re going to have to switch to mummy-like face protection.

    also, not sure why we had a ref at a pickup game, but we did.

  6. Kenny Says:

    I think it was a summer league game, semi-structured with officials but still more pickup in nature.

    This stuff does happen from time to time. Thinking back i can think of only a handful of skate cutting incidents. In one case a kid was climbing the boards and when he threw his leg over he caught his teammate in the side of the neck. Don’t think it caught any major vein or artery but it was a deep ass cut, they tookt he kid to the hospital by ambulance, and it’s lucky it didn’t get something major becuase at most of these facilities there is nobody equipped to deal with a catastrophic injury. I mean there are people around that know first aid but it this stuff is serious.

    Another time a kid got the back of his leg stepped on and bled quite a bit, not life threatening but still bad.

    I’m reasonably sure that they require neck gaurds in youth hockey now. They didn’t when I was a kid, but in HS you had to wear one. I hated the old school gaurds because they were so bulky they made moving your head around feel weird. And gave the sensation that it was more difficult to breathe. The one’s we had in high school were better designed, a little lighter and not nearly as cumbersome. But most of the guys I know wouldn’t wear one if they didn’t have to.

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