I have to break down and get LeaguePass, I need it

Matt enjoyed last night’s Stones game:

pistons are “off the chain” tonight. Stuckey is going to get a 10pt second quarter, including an amir alley-oop, amir is getting mad boards and dunks, and rasheed is nailing threes back to back. i think the bench scoring for each team is pistons 25, trailblazers 0. not bad.

The box score is truly a thing of beauty: ten guys played at least 20 minutes, and no one played more than 27. Plus, Amir was 4-5 from the floor with three blocks.

Even the guys who didn’t play (Herrmann, Hunter, Primoz, Flip) are all legitimate NBA guys. Cheik Samb is only player that’s too raw to bring much to the table on a good team, but I’m optimistic about his future.

In a free agency era, how can a NBA squad be this deep from 1-14? It’s a work of art.


3 Responses to “I have to break down and get LeaguePass, I need it”

  1. broseph Says:

    come on bro, even i saw this game.

  2. sloan Says:

    how was i supposed to see it?

  3. zachary Says:

    not live in boston.

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