Are we done asking Darko questions? I’m not ready

Matt sends over a transcription of a radio interview that Dumars did. Here’s a chunk where he talks about the Celtics dominating the Eastern Conference regular season:

We’ve seen it before. I think it’s great for them, it’s exciting for them, we’ve been there before with the gaudy record. Phoenix was there a few years ago with the gaudy record. Dallas had a gaudy record, Miami had a gaudy record, and none of us got to where we wanted to get to in that particular year. So all I’m saying is that we’ve seen it. We’ve done it, we’ve lived that gaudy record that they’re living right now, and it didn’t pay dividends for us so I would tell people to hold up on presenting that trophy just yet, because there’s a lot of basketball yet to be played. A lot of playoff series, and a lot of things can go on. The gaudy record is nice, but like I said, you go back over the last four years, Detroit, Miami, Phoenix, and Dallas had the same gaudy record that Boston has and none of us won it that year.”

I agree with the sentiment, but Miami did win it two years ago. Maybe he was referring to three years ago when Miami won a bunch of games but lost to us in game seven of the conference finals.

Read the whole thing, there’s some good stuff about the development of Amir and the rooks.


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