Absolutely no idea

I have zero time at the moment, but I can’t believe Phoenix would deal Marion for Shaq. Is Marion just deadly in the locker room? Have they seen any of Shaq’s games this year? The NBA world is going insane. But I like it.

That being said, I have the Matrix on my fantasy team, and he’ll probably average 30-20 on the Heat.

UPDATE: I just saw Kenny commented on a different post about this:

Also, in huge news, what’s with the suns talking about trading for Shaq? I don’t think I’m the only one thinking that he wouldn’t be the best fit in their offense.

I guess the Suns are thinking that they can score enough points already. Conceivably, Shaq could stay back on a lot of easy running buckets, never make it past half-court.

They must be staring at San Antonio’s four rings and thinking that they have to get someone who can belly up to Duncan in the playoffs. But if they wanted a defensive stopper in the middle, why not go after the other O’Neal, Jermaine? Shaq is an old ass dude.


7 Responses to “Absolutely no idea”

  1. zachary Says:

    id prefer joneal on suns as opossed to shaq. both are on my fantasy team. i picked shaq up when reese dropped him.

  2. sloan Says:

    remember when people were going nuts about how great reese’s pick was? not i.

  3. zachary Says:

    yea. i was captain of that movement.

  4. Kenny Says:

    i was guilty of that as well.

    I suppose after thinking about it I can at least see what the Suns are thinking, although i’m not sure I buy it.

    They have to be looking at the Lakers new frontline of Bynum, Pau, Odom and thinking they are going to get outrebounded by 20 in every game, won’t be able to score in the paint, and will give up a ton of points in the paint. I mean amare isn’t exactly a dominant defender, and diaw would get eaten up by pau or bynum whichever player amare didn’t gaurd. I think marion could do a good job on pau, but then who gaurds odom? So this move allows shaq to gaurd bynum, which he is more equipped to do since bynum isn’t going to be pulling him away from the basket. Then amare can gaurd pau, and diaw/ghill can gaurd odom.

    Offensively the suns have on thing in common with the heat teams that won the title, they have 3 point shooters that can space the floor or knock down shots in the half court if shaq draws a double team.

    The flaw in this plan is that shaq doesn’t draw double teams anymore because he can no longer jump. So the suns have to hope that getting back to a contender will motivate shaq to commit to slimming down and getting in shape the rest of the way. That he’ll be motivated to be some semblance of his former self. That’s a big gamble because if they get the same shaq that as in miami he’s going to ruin that offense.

    I don’t think this deal is going to work, but I guess I can see why the suns made it. I just don’t see the team as it was constructed being able to beat either san antonio or the lake show. This despite the fact that I was on their bandwagon at the start of the season. And I agree It would have made A LOT more sense to get j o’neal instead.

  5. Pat Says:

    Not sure about jermaine being a better fit than shaq. Obviously this all hinges on shaq’s health, but the suns will be in the playoffs, and are the mavs or spurs going to be more afraid of pau gasol or shaq? The suns have the talent around him to win in the regular season while shaq stays healthy and plays limited minutes. Then in the postseason he can come in and domninate down low.

    i know i know, he doesn’t really dominate anymore because he’s old and slow and that is why this move is so risky. But, i think there is another thing that D’antonio and Kerr had on their mind when they made this deal.

    The suns current nucleus has tried to win, they added grant but its unlikely he would push them over the top and they need a shake up. This deal (i think) accomplishes two goals. It gives the team a shot in the arm and a new hope in the playoffs, it changes the make up of the team and gives them a new mentality.

    But maybe more importantly we maybe see a boris diaw grown into the player everyone thought he would be by now. He just didn’t get enough touches or minutes or confidence with his game doing a many of the same thigns that marion did for the suns. I think now, with marion gone, they can really see if diaw is going to be a stud player for years to come. To me, the shaq experiment will be over after the next two years but the diaw question is more important to the suns future. Diaw will probably never be as good as marion, but at one time he WAS a rising STAR in the league.

  6. sloan Says:

    yeah, aside from shaq’s health, the big question mark here is diaw. a couple of years ago, especially in the playoffs, he was UNREAL. but he seems to have really regressed. what the hell happened to him?

    maybe this will allow him to blossom (or at least get back to where he was.)

  7. sloan Says:

    i’ve got to say though—i’m much less intimidated about a potential stones-suns finals now.

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