Football analysis via facebook status updates

Names redacted to protect the innocent:

…loves that the Patriots lost!

…is In SHOCK.

…is how many days till spring training?

…is in shock…who knew she cared this much…

…is convinced Eli takes it in the ass.

…is speechless.

…is f’ing happy.

…America loves an UNDERDOG!


…thinks Tom Brady can be such a douche bag sometimes.

…blames mumbles for jynxing the game. [Mumbles is a derogatory nickname for Boston’s mayor Tom Menino.]

…makes a superb lasagna!!! [Not everyone was watching the game…]

…is laughin cuz the Pats are tools and they chocked in the Super Bowl!!! Thank God I never joined the bandwagon!!!!

…can’t stop smilin :) and the giants just won…hell yea!! what a good weekend.

…is there goes your perfect season bitches!!!!!


5 Responses to “Football analysis via facebook status updates”

  1. Kenny Says:

    Not superbowl related whatsoever. But much more exciting at least as far as i’m concerned. The tigers locked up Granderson with a 5 year deal through 2013. Is it possible for a player who finished 10th in the mvp voting in only his second full season to be under the radar? Your in boston, so maybe you can answer this. Do people outside of Michigan have any idea how good he was last year?

  2. coreymajor Says:

    hahaha i love that you did this because i saw so many similar FB status updates after the game. i guess in the same way that “you’re not really dating unless facebook says you are”, you’re not really feeling it unless your facebook status says you are subsequently.

    i finally found your blog that i here oh so much about. officially blogrolling it on my own as soon as i hit “submit comment”.

    taco bell?

  3. sloan Says:

    hey corey, my non-sports blog is

  4. broseph Says:

    but your music blog is hmr. so what exactly is indeedindeed? politics? youtube videos?

  5. sloan Says:

    political youtube videos mostly.

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