Gasol to the Lake Show

I’m not sold on Pau Gasol as number two on a championship team, but this is a huge deal that puts the Lakers in the West elite.

Bigger question: what are Bulls fans thinking right now? If this guy can put Kobe and company over the top, think about how loaded Chicago would have been.

Bynum has some maturing to do, but this is going to be a scary team.


4 Responses to “Gasol to the Lake Show”

  1. Kenny Says:

    Pau is a really good fit for the lake show in my opinion. He’s really skilled so he should fit well in the triangle offense, and he can play off the block when bynum comes back. It will be interesting to see what he does as a number 2. He’s been memphis’ best player basically since he came into the league, so this is the first real opportunity to see it. I think he’s a solid but not great defender.

    The big thing is they got him without giving up any critical part of their nucleus. When there was talk of them trading for joneal it usually included odom, so it’s big that they kept he and bynum.

    My read is that Pau must have been pretty clear that he wanted out of memphis, crittenden is good but they just drafted conley. with kwame and darko they have a shot at the most underachieving duo in draft history. They are getting two first rounders but i don’t exactly see the lake show dropping into the lotter by 2010. I’m having trouble making sense of this deal for memphis unless they really wanted to drop gasol.

  2. Kenny Says:

    however, that could be due to my lack of sobriety.

  3. zachary Says:

    how about the gasol/emeka deal to zachs/kennys team?

  4. sloan Says:

    yeah, i should really examine that baby in full. i’m still not sure how i feel about it.

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