The NBA all-star reserves are in!

If you’re not excited, you’re not paying attention!

The East: Chauncey, Rip, Chris Bosh, Caron Butler, Antawn Jamison, Joe Johnson, Paul Pierce (the starters, if you’ve forgotten: KG, Dwight Howard, Jkidd, Wade, BronBron)

West coast: Chris Paul, David West, Brandon Roy, Carlos Boozer, Steve Nash, Amare, Dirk (starters: Melo, AI, Yao, Duncan, Kobe)

The teams I would have picked:

East: Kidd, KG, Howard, Pierce, Bron (reserves: Wade, Chauncey, Caron, Rasheed, Gerald Wallace, Josh Smith, Rip)—I just don’t think you can put Wade as a starter considering how banged up he is and how incredibly bad the Heat are. Also, Antawn? Joe Johnson? Totally one-dimensional players.

West: Nash, Duncan, Camby, Kobe, Roy (Boozer, Chris Paul, Marion, AI, Melo, Yao, Dirk)—I can’t believe Camby got left off this team. Yao has been balling recently, but Camby has been a total force. Baron Davis and DWilliams should be on the team somewhere, but the west is just so loaded with point guards. All four of those guys would start on the east team. Also, Roy is the best player on the most surprising team in the league.

In all, it’s just frustrating how stat-oriented the voting for this thing is. Every year it becomes, “Let’s pick the highest scorers in the league!” Scoring is important, but it’s hardly the sole indication of a good basketball player.

And I’m putting Sheed on. He can come up with a bogus injury to let Chris Bosh come in.


One Response to “The NBA all-star reserves are in!”

  1. sloan Says:

    also, the david west pick is terrible. it’s nice to give the host team a couple of guys, but the west is so loaded and west is good but hardly great.

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