Wilbon had a heart attack

Seems to be okay.

More non-sports columnist posting will follow eventually.


3 Responses to “Wilbon had a heart attack”

  1. broseph Says:

    that’s funny, on the end of pti the other day they mentioned how he had “some chest pains that he was getting looked at.” gotta love how the espn pr machine functions. they put the gag order on the dana jacobson drunken tirade, and now they won’t even allow something as serious as a heart attack to be mentioned on the air.

  2. broseph Says:

    although let it be known, i support all personal attacks on notre dame (but not on jesus)

  3. sloan Says:

    maybe kornheiser was protecting wilbon’s privacy, i don’t know. i don’t think the leader was malicious in this, for once.

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