Boy fakes cancer to meet Yzerman

Even I wouldn’t go this far to meet the Captain.


8 Responses to “Boy fakes cancer to meet Yzerman”

  1. Pat Says:

    sorta makes me hate the human race that people would do that.

  2. sloan Says:

    yeah, in the kid’s defense, it sounds like it was his dad doing the manipulating for the most part. yzerman handled it beautifully too. i love steve yzerman.

  3. zachary Says:

    i love the captain also. at first i thought this was an ‘onion’ piece. crazy.

  4. broseph Says:

    if it was an onion piece, the title would have read, “boy fakes cancer to meet legendary football star, settles for hockey player.”

    although i love stevie y, i imagine there are those who don’t even know who he is. and that’s just sad.

  5. matt Says:

    can we get a pistons lakers preview, big game tonight!

  6. Kenny Says:

    yea i hear there are people who think his name is steve yzenbaum

  7. sloan Says:

    i really wish it was going to be on regular TV.

  8. sloan Says:

    yzenbaum? no one would say that.

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