Promotion gone bad

Jerry: I’ve got to watch the NHL all-star game—a bunch of Red Wings are starting.
Courtney: If they’re starting, that means I can change the channel quicker right?

To start the game the people at Versus were interviewing the Islanders’ goalie, who happened to be playing at the moment. He was immediately scored upon by Rick Nash from the Ohio State Blue Jackets.

If there’s one thing that’s been proven by mid-game interviewing, it’s that no participant (aside from Lloyd Carr) is interesting while the game is being played. And it’s even worse when they’re literally on the ice.


3 Responses to “Promotion gone bad”

  1. Kenny Says:

    See I liked the goalie interviews mid game. I mean it was clearly a gimic but it was the all star game. DiPietro wasn’t too interesting, but they had Manny Legace mic’d up in the third period while they also interviewed Commissioner Gary Bettman up in the booth, leading to this exchange about the size of goalie pads.

    Announcer: Manny, do you have any questions for the commissioner?
    Legace: Can you leave us goalies alone?
    Bettman: I’m sorry, you guys are just getting too big.
    Legace: Too Big? I’m 5’9″!!

  2. zachary Says:

    haha. manny’s in game commentary was funny. and he was actually good. jerry, you must have turned the tv off by then, your loss.

    some goalies are gargantuan. some are not. should be a meeting ground for pad size.

    i woulda liked to see the west win. east seems to have more individually talented players. but west definetly has the better teams.

  3. sloan Says:

    i saw rick nash score. that was about it.

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