Out of retirement

EDIT: This obviously isn’t sports-related. I posted it on the wrong blog.

Eliza has a good, long rant about feminism and the primary:

I want to puke when I look at the “Women’s Interest” magazine rack and realize that I’m only supposed to be ‘interested’ in shrinking my waist, shrinking my pores, and having a gala of ostentatious self-obsession wedding. After all this time, is that really how we think of ourselves? Do we really want pats on our heads so badly that we accept these as our ambitions, our options? And can we not see through the contrived Daddy Complex we’re bred into and feel secure with a qualified woman at the helm?

On a similar but not totally related note: Whatever your thoughts about Senator Clinton, she’s by far the most experienced candidate in the traditional terms (if you’re into that kind of thing.) I’m not inspired by the Democratic Party right now, and I think it’s crazy that a lot of left-leaning people are viewing the upcoming election as a giant rainbow of warm fuzzies. But the chance that either a woman or a black man is going to puncture the white male stranglehold on the top position in the country is very exciting.

Go read Eliza’s post—it’s smart and fierce and all the good things I remember about college.


3 Responses to “Out of retirement”

  1. broseph Says:

    wrong blog bro. oh well. a good read just the same.

  2. sloan Says:

    ahh, thanks joe, you’re right.

  3. Praising Eliza in obscurity « indeed, indeed Says:

    […] Eliza in obscurity Brohan helpfully shows me that I posted this on the wrong blog. I’m too lazy to move it, so go […]

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