Completely objective Michigan football analysis

Anyone want to take a guess who predicted six wins for the Wolverines next season on Colin Cowherd’s radio show? A hint: he may have played some college ball elsewhere.

Before that, Colin Cowherd pontificated about how the stock market reveals the problem with the Dallas Cowboys. He says that the problem with the economy and with bad football teams is one thing: fear. Cowherd apparently studied economics under Jim Cunningham.


3 Responses to “Completely objective Michigan football analysis”

  1. Pat Says:

    Colin owns. Herbstreit is a dumb dick.

    Michigan’s schedule isn’t overly difficult next season, they have notre dame, ohio state and penn state on the road. There other road games are purdue and minnesota. Any game at the big house they can win, with the hardest ones being wisconsin, illinois and msu. Being a pessimist, lets say they lose 3 of their 5 road games (i dont’ think ND is that good and purdue?, i’d bet on them going 3-2 on the road) and 2 games at home, thats still 7 wins.

    Rodriguez will be feeling a lot of heat if he only wins 6 games. 8-4 is more than doable. 10-2 is what i’m hoping for, 9-3 would keep me happy, 8-4 is the betting man’s prediction. Michigan loses a lot of guys to graduation and the draft, but they have a lot of young talented guys to fill those spots. 7-5 wouldn’t be suprising, but it would be painful. I think michigan’s defense is going to be stellar, donovan warren is a star.

  2. sloan Says:

    why do you like cowherd?

  3. Pat Says:

    He’s really fun and entertaining. Makes me laugh, i listen to his show online normally without any commercials, its good.

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