Stealing from myself

Three national NBA games tonight, and again the adwizards that handle these matters give us Chicago and Miami. Who would have guessed?

I can’t argue with the late game, the Lake Show and Denver. AI, Melo, Kobe—lots of stars for the casual fan.

Also in the NBA’s defense (or TNT’s defense? I don’t know the ins and outs of the process), Miami is playing Cleveland, and Lebron is the biggest name the league has right now.

Chicago, on the other hand, is battling Memphis in a game that should be brutal for viewers. If there are any.

Why can’t there be more flexibility in NBA tv scheduling? In college football the schedule gets moved around like three-card Monte based on what teams are performing well. It’s only when the networks are slavishly tied to one school (South Bend, represent represent) that the public gets screwed.

Maybe this is all a sophisticated, reverse psychology advertisement for buying NBA League Pass. Maybe the execs are saying: we’ll bring you the worst content possible to try to goad you into paying for better stuff and getting access to every game. Drive the majority away from the game in order to get a small minority to pay extra—well played.


2 Responses to “Stealing from myself”

  1. jerry Says:

    Yeah, after watching the start of the Chicago at Memphis game, I realized that the game is at Memphis and being televised in memory of Martin Luther King, who was assassinated in Memphis. I’m a complete idiot. Someone take away my laptop.

  2. zachary Says:

    mlk jr WAS a huge memphis grizzlies fan…

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