Pat saves the Knicks

For reasons unknown.

When someone posts a comment or sends an e-mail that’s incredibly long, I like to post it. It gives the writer the feeling that the three hours it took them to craft it is being recognized. And it gives me something to post (my comments are in italics):

So i was reading through the chad ford article ( and it’s actually free right now for you non-insiders) on the disaster that isiah has brought upon the knicks and his plan to fix them. Chad’s plan seems more like a blow it up as much as possible and build with cap space and draft picks. I think this is a decent model at this point, the knicks aren’t really a team that can be fixed, but they need to start bring in some players who can play defense and perform without the ball in their hands.

I decided I’d try my hat at being a GM and see if i could make a couple of deals happen and what the knicks would look like if i was the GM.

My first deal is a straight up trade, chicago and new york, sending zach randolph to chicago for ben wallace and see if you can get a pick thrown in. It seems the bulls would have to jump at this trade. Randolph isn’t a center but he woudl provide the bulls with a guy who can score in the paint and they obviously have a need there. Randolph has 3 years left on his massive contract while ben only has 2, (after this season) so this trade helps for cap space in the future and i think ben wallace is the type of player the knicks could use. I know ben is a shell of his former self but with all the scoring the knicks have and playing alongside eddy curry, i think this would be a good fit for ben for a couple more seasons. A 3 man frontcourt rotation of Curry, Wallace and Lee i think is pretty decent and gives the knicks a lot more defense than they are currently getting.

(I don’t know. Of course the problem with the Bulls has always been inside scoring, but conceivably this Bulls team isn’t THAT bad. Not Knicks bad. I can’t see them ever taking on Randolph’s contract given unless they were completely desperate. I don’t think they are there yet. Also, I think it’s clearer than ever that Big Ben’s performance is tied 100% to his energy and motivation and NYC and MSG doesn’t seem to be energizing too many careers right now. So, theoretically, I like this, but I don’t know if either team is there yet.)

I agree with chad that the knicks should buy out marbury. His influence on the team is nothing but poison. He needs to be gone. Buy him out and eat the 20 million.

Pray that you can land derrick rose in the draft. He’s not a can’t miss prospect but he’s a damn good one and the point guard the knicks need.

(Could they pry away one of Memphis’ 18 good point guards?)

Start trying to move a young guy who has upside (besides david lee, dont be too in love with balkman like isiah is) combined with one of the big bad contracts like jared jeffries or jerome james for players on expiring deals. This is harder than it seems becuase the knicks don’t have a whole lot of players anyone would really want. But just as a general model when considering deals, i would look to bring in expiring contracts to clear up some cap space and try to add draft picks.

(Agreed, but their players are really, really, really bad. This is not easy.)

Now, the second trade i would make that i think would work under the cap would be significant. I’d deal balkman, jeffries and malik rose to the sacremento kings for kenny thomas and ron artest. I know ben wallace and ron artest on the same team could be volatile, but it also instantly changes the team outlook, demeanor and gives them some toughness. Something like this was rumored to be a deal the kings wanted to make, i know they would like to move kenny thomas’s contract if they move artest, although jeffries gets paid a lot and for a year longer than thomas, i think getting back balkman, a player like jeffries who could be a possible contributor and malik rose’s contract comes up after next season.

Granted, this trade doesn’t make a ton of sense for the kings but they aren’t going anywhere and this seems like some young talent they might like, the knicks may have to throw in nate robinson or a draft pick (which then i wouldn’t do this trade unless it was lottery protected for a looong time).

Anyways, with these two deals int he books you would have a lineup that looked something like, (let’s assume that we get derrick rose in the offseason so this is our team starting next fall)

PG: Rose, Mardy Collins, Robinson (maybe)
SG: Crawford, Q
SF: Artest, Kenny thomas, wilson chandler
PF: Ben Wallace, David Lee
C: Eddy Curry, Jerome James

This team could possible be just as bad as the current knicks but at least they would have a lot more toughness, seemingly more balance between scorers and defenders and something of a better PG. At this point i’d be looking to add the best young talent i could find and letting some of these big contracts run their course until we could get some serious cap space.

Potential downfall is this team is even worse chemistry wise than the current one since ben wallace probably wouldn’t do very well playing for a loser (see chicago example this season)(okay, I guess I didn’t need to say that earlier) and artest and ben would be two guys who hate each other on the same team. But the upside is that the team gets an identity of defense and starts shutting people down a little bit. Curry and crawford put the ball in the hole and the new young stud (obviously the x factor is the draft, but derrick rose) is the pg of the future.

Disclaimer, making deals with the knicks horrible roster is harder than you’d think. I tried to go with some stuff i had heard rumored around and things i think make sense. Let me know what you guys think.

Also, these two trades create cap flexibility sooner than the knicks currently have coming, so while it doesn’t totally provide relief the next couple offseasons, in 3 and 4 years the difference will be seen.

I don’t know. The first thing has to be firing Isaih. The guy is delusional and way out of his league as a GM. If he could get a job scouting for someone or playing point guard, he’d be fine. Maybe Joe D. could throw him a job.


2 Responses to “Pat saves the Knicks”

  1. sloan Says:

    holy crap that thing is long.

  2. sloan Says:

    also, after joe d. throws isaih a job, he should hire pat.

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