Barbosa dealt to Knicks

Craig Sager reports that Barbosa got a call last night in his hotel room telling him he’d been traded to the Knicks and that he should find Steve Kerr immediately. So that Brazilian Blur is running around looking for Kerr, tears in his eyes, justifiably pissed. He can’t find Kerr, so he goes to see Dan D’Antoni—a Suns assistant and Mike’s brother and something of a personal coach to Barbosa. And D’Antoni tells Barbosa that it was a prank caller and that he shouldn’t check in to a hotel under his real name. These crazy kids nowadays and their antics.

In a related story, I’ve never been a huge Suns fan. They’ve done a lot for the league, and their offensive flexibility is a nice antidote to the Spurs/Stones sometimes stultifying style of play. But there are always stretches during their games when they can’t stop anyone and both sides start heaving threes. Offense merely for the sake of offense, out of control offense, doesn’t really interest me.

Camby’s stat line last night: 8 points, 24 boards, 11 blocks. They couldn’t get him a lay-up at the end? It’s amazing how good he’s been since overcoming the injury woes.


4 Responses to “Barbosa dealt to Knicks”

  1. sloan Says:

    also, the lakers lost, but kobe bryant was lethal at the end of that game from three. he’s an unreal scorer.

  2. Pat Says:

    So wait, craig sager actually reported this or what? I was and am still confused by this whole thing. I’d be pissed if i was barbosa.

  3. Pat Says:

    Ok, reread it again and i think i understand, sager reported the whole saga, not the barbosa to new york trade?

    I guess the more i think about it its kinda funny and good advice from the coach to not check in under his real name. Doesn’t the NBA have some class that they put the rookies through about stuff like that?

  4. sloan Says:

    yeah, sages told that whole story. it was all a prank call.

    lakers fans are creative.

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