A loss for the leader

How excited do you think ESPN is about having tonight’s Heat-Bulls game? You can’t totally blame them for this (no one thought they’d be this bad), although the Heat are always on national TV way more than in justified by their team’s talent level.

No offense to my lady readers (though I’m not sure a single female reads this page) but it’s a bad sign when an NBA game is pushed to the deuce so that ESPN Alpha can broadcast a women’s college basketball game.

Honestly, of the NBA games on tonight, Heat-Bulls is the absolute last one I would want to watch.

Golden State at Indiana—Exciting, fan-friendly offensive basketball team versus anyone is an upgrade over a three hour long argument about whether Ben Wallace or Shaq is hurting his team more (I was completely right about Big Ben when he left Detroit. It’s nice being right for once.)

Sacramento at Toronto—The resurgent, plucky Kings at a fun, NBA-obsessed venue. Should be interesting.

Orlando at Charlotte—The best young player in the league (and that’s saying a ton) against the mercurial, but talented Celtic slayers.

Portland at Boston—I have the “privilege” of watching the Cs all the time, but this is a fun match-up between the two surprise teams in the league.

NY Knicks at New Jersey—The best basketball city in the world should have better teams than this (I actually typed “shit” instead of “this” a second ago. Dyslexic or Freudian?) Still, this is a car crash of a match-up. You’d watch this!

Seattle at New Orleans—The game I’d most like to watch tonight if I worked for ESPN or had League Pass.

Atlanta at Milwaukee—You know, I’ll admit that Heat-Bulls is almost better than this game, just because I don’t like the Bucks’ style. But Josh Smith alone tilts the argument in this match-up’s favor.


2 Responses to “A loss for the leader”

  1. matt Says:

    quit hating on the Hawks! they roooooccckkkk! Just for that I will watch the Seattle game to spite you!

    my roommate forces us to watch each and every heat game…. so we can scout for next year, i mean, in three years when they are finished with shaq and his bloated ass and bloated contract. then they’ll probably sign alonzo for another couple years.

    I would say this chicago-heat game is the worst of the week, it was horrible.

  2. sloan Says:

    also, i should point out that ESPN wasn’t actually broadcasting a women’s game, it was the duke v. florida state men. not sure where i got the idea it was women, but it must have said that somewhere. still, that shouldn’t top the NBA.

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