I cheer for the fellow balding

I forgot who liked to this article calling for the Bucks to be blown up and rebuilt from the front-court (Bogut, the Chairman) up, but it seems on target to me.

The big question raised: who could possibly take Michael Redd’s max deal? And who would want it?

(I just paused to look at Milwaukee’s roster, and Bogut is six months younger than me. Scary.)


2 Responses to “I cheer for the fellow balding”

  1. Kenny Says:

    The Chairman is a great nickname on so many levels.

  2. Pat Says:

    Isiah will probably trade his next 4 draft picks for redd or something.

    Seriously how long before they fire isiah?

    I’m not sure milwaukee is a team to blow up, i think maybe its a team to let grow but that dpeneds on what you can get for guys like michael redd, bobby simmons and Mo Williams. Obviously you can get some good young value you can blow it up. But i’m not sure you are going to get players who are better than your current guys. I hate the idea as a fan of a team that you are going to blow it up to lose on purpose to try to stockpile lottery picks. I’d personally rather be in playoff contention and have an exciting young team with room to grow, which i think they currently have in their frontcourt. I could be completely wrong about this but i just don’t think you will get enough value out of any of those guys.

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