Fear the retrievers

Kenny references Joe Lunardi’s current NCAA bracket:

It should be noted that he typically gets just about every team right when he does the projection right before selection Sunday. Although clearly since it’s January that’s a long way off. But just thought i would point out that his current projection is MSU getting the second seed in Washington D.C., which gives them a first round matchup with none other than Reese’s former school the UMBC retrievers. First what crap that UMBC as a 15 seed gets to play us in a virtual home game in D.C. Second, how the hell are they going to make the tournament? They’re damn mascot is the retrievers, and I thought they were a chess school. Third, Reese how many points would you want to take your old school in that game? 35? 40? Anyhow thought i’d point this out to you all. I guess if we can’t have the one seed in Ford Field this would have to do.

For all the betting that happens on the tournament in general, who wagers on individual first round games? The lines are either huge or completely arbitrary.

I did some actual research for this post, and I found that UMBC is in the America East conference, with Boston University (the Terriers, natural enemy of the Retrievers), U.Vermont, and U.New Hampshire. Despite that the fact that those three schools are a combined 14 games under .500 right now, I’m willing to bet Slurpees that one of those three schools will rep the conference in the big dance (and not 10-5 UMBC.)


One Response to “Fear the retrievers”

  1. zachary Says:

    youre on for one slurpee

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