Quick thoughts on Stones-Celtics part 2

First of all, most of all: watching the Stones with the other team’s announcers is always horrible.

These two teams are very close to each other, and you don’t expect to have the game decided by Big Baby Davis. At least decided in favor of the Celtics. The Pistons can’t win if the Celtics’ bench outplays ours.

You have to give Boston credit for winning big games at home. Or in Detroit with a corpse-like crowd.


5 Responses to “Quick thoughts on Stones-Celtics part 2”

  1. matt Says:

    after a near vomit-inducing plane ride I got to see the game as well. Boston’s announcers are horrible. For some reason comcast rarely uses the blaha, even at home games. Instead, I got to listen to the chowda-eatin analysis which went something like this:

    (insert some mildly technical basketball play by the celtics…back-screen, ball reversal, jerry’s scoop)

    announce-ah: that was good….good….uhuh

    I guess you can’t describe the glory of a deity such as the celtics.

    also, bench did come out extremely flat in the beginning of the fourth. that was it right there.

  2. matt Says:

    ps: do the celtics really need the giant leprechaun known as Brian Scalabrine.

  3. matt Says:

    btw, is courtney letting you watch the nfl playoff game..steelers are rocking out.

  4. Pat Says:

    Jerry, the crowd wasn’t corpse-like…it was cadaverous.

    Actually i didn’t get to watch the game which sucked. Its a regular season game, i dont’ think it matters all that much in may and june but i’m glad the pistons are part of an actually interesting nba game. Wasn’t this considered interesting to any nba fan? Do people not from michigan actually enjoy watching the pistons? Why do i always ask so many questions when i post? I need someone to give me constant answers all the time.

  5. zachary Says:

    a better thing to ask might be why youre spending time looking for videos of crickets.

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