Wait, what just happened?

I finally heard over the roar of Patriots noise that the Lions fired Martz. What the hell? I’ve seen no coverage on this, what’s the rationale?


6 Responses to “Wait, what just happened?”

  1. zachary Says:

    the rationale is “he passes too much” and that we have one of the worst run offenses in the leage and were bottom in the league in sacks allowed. however weere near the top in passins categories except td’s, but thats cause kitna sucks.

    i think firing him was a really dumb idea. were gonna be much worse next year now. im not looking forward to it. i think millen got another contract extension. ..

  2. broseph Says:

    i just read some of the stuff about martz on the free press. it looks like he was fired because his offensive numbers didn’t translate to victories. but then if you read drew sharp’s article, you can see that as long as you had jon kitna under center, you are pretty much guaranteed the same results, i personally don’t think you can blame martz or kitna completely. wheres the defensive coordinator in all of this?

  3. sloan Says:

    our defense was absolutely, completely horrible. if anyone gets axed, it should be millen. we don’t have the personnel to do anything, why is that martz’s fault?

  4. zachary Says:

    our d is mediocre, only because we got takeaways.

  5. Pat Says:

    I’m sick of hearing about not having the personnel. Everyone thought the browns had horrible personnel at the start of the year. The league is full of parity. I personally think this was probably more a move because of martz’s ego and effect on the team. It honestly has felt as though he was the head coach more than marinelli. Every time the TV cameras show a coach on the sidelines for the lions its martz. For some strange reason i like this move, you can’t have two head coaches who are likely at war with one another.

  6. broseph Says:

    i agree with pat. unfortunately i dont think that marinelli has a damn clue how to run an offense, especially better than martz. if they were keeping restraints on him, and they weren’t seeing eye to eye because of it, it is a shame. for a while there i thought the lions would have the best offense in the league. but no run game equals schizophrenic identities and too much emphasis on individual play.

    i almost feel bad for kitna, clearly saddled with a horrible o-line and a bunch of average guys (other than CJ and roy williams) to get the ball too. where’s the quality tight end and fullback that used to be a part of our game? and by quality tight end i mean he at least shared mine and jerry’s last name.

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