Speaking of football coaches

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it one more time—-RichRod lost his last game at West Virginia (a game that would have put his team in the national title game) to a horrible football team. He was outcoached by Dave Wannstedt. Isn’t this a bad sign? Wasn’t the point that Michigan needed a guy who would elevate his talent for big games?


One Response to “Speaking of football coaches”

  1. Pat Says:

    I enjoyed the fiesta bowl being that the offensive and defensive coordinators are the ones who will be coaching at michigan next season and rodriguez is the one responsible for the schemes and assembling the players that tore up oklahoma. Still, michigan’s talent level is clearly superior to west virginia at almost every position besides maybe speed at QB and RB. Sure, RichRod dropped a bad game to a bad team at the end of the season with a championship berth available but so did LSU (see Arkansas’ bowl results) and OSU (Illinois did well). Oh, and super coach Pete Carrol lost to Stanford, Michigan lost to App State, super genius urban meyer got outcoached by (GULP) lloyd carr. Teams will lose big games, its going to happen for whatever reason. Putting your players in the best situations to succeed over and over again is what makes a truly great coach. Rodriguez did this at WVU, we’ll see how he does at Michigan.

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