A squad supreme

How did Kelly Dwyer, formerly of SI.com, go from being a non-blogger to the best NBA blogger around in about eight minutes? How did that happen? Was he practicing in the dark somewhere, punching phantom keys, shadowtyping?

Anyway, a good point from him about the Stones:

If you’re the rest of the NBA, numbers like these have to scare you:

Chauncey Billups: 28:50 minutes.
Rasheed Wallace: 33:29 minutes.
Tayshaun Prince: 31:28 minutes.
Antonio McDyess: 31:48 minutes.

The Pistons, finally, go 12-deep. Legitimately 12-deep, as their 12th man (Walter Hermann) is in his prime and was the Eastern Conference Rookie of the Month last March.

Some quick things—though I agree completely with the sentiment expressed: has it reached a point where we’re playing too many guys? When you’ve got two legitimate units plus two other guys who can ball, isn’t someone somewhere getting frustrated? (Though I’d much rather have this “problem” than the Celtics’ total lack of depth.)

Also, I’d really like to see Sheed and McNugget’s regular season minutes come down to the 27-28 range, especially the latter player. Where should that burn should go? Amir Johnson! Come on, my replica jersey is getting mothballed.

Read Yahoo’s NBA blog.


One Response to “A squad supreme”

  1. Pat Says:

    Pistons look greeaat but the minutes are misleading because the guys are playing so few not because Flip has a deep newfound trust in the bench but becuase of the crazy amount of blowout games. I think without all these blowouts we’d still see their minutes down slightly from last year but not down as much as they are.

    I agree Amir should get a little more burn at the PF spot. The trouble is that to play him you have to have one of mcdyess or Sheed in the game because both maxiell and johnson are incapable of defending centers. Hopefully Flip can figure out a way to rotate those 4 and give spot minutes to Hermann and Brezec.

    The best development for the pistons in the last month is the complete lack of playing time for Flip Murray. I love Rodney Stuckey and apparently Saunders does as well!

    Lastly, the BEST part about this team is they now no longer have a single contract who can be considered a cap thug. Every guy deserves what he makes. Mcdyess is contributing enough to justify his contract just like chauncey. Actually the closest we have on this team is Amir, but he’s 20 years old.

    Guys you may think of who we propably shouldn’t be paying so much all have their contracts come up at the end of the season.

    Flip Murray, Brezec, Hermann.

    We will have the cap flexibility to resign Jarvis for more years or look elsewhere and spend the mid level exception on another contributor.

    I really think Stuckey is going to be a star in the league but with the way the team is assembled it may be more important for Amir to explode into a great player. At some point Mcdyess or Sheed is going to go down with an injury and as much as i love maxiell i really think he’s probably not going to be much better than a very good rotational player and maybe on the weak end of being a starter. So yes Jerry, we need to develop Amir and start giving him more and more minutes.

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