Pet peeve

First quarter, Tim Tebow is driving Florida down the field, the Wolverine defense powerless to stop him. Tebow completes a pass to the Michigan seven, where the receiver takes a hard hit, but holds onto the ball. The safety who hit him celebrates openly.

Jamar Adams, why are you celebrating? The Gators are slicing up your d, driving at will. They just completed a long pass on your secondary. You hit the receiver hard, but it didn’t stop him from catching the ball. Why are you celebrating?

A few plays later Adams was beat on a touchdown throw, but it was called back. A couple of plays after that, Tebow hit an absolutely wide open receiver for a score. Adams was the closest Wolverine, maybe eight yards away.


16 Responses to “Pet peeve”

  1. sloan Says:

    fun fact about adams: “member of the nationally ranked chess club in high school … ”

    that’s pretty cool.

  2. zachary Says:

    um’s pass defense is about as good as michgan states. and that is not something to be proud of.

    i hate all after tackle celebrations. unless the guy fumbles the ball and you recover it, dont celebrate after you get a tackle. youre supposed to get a tackle. thats why youre on defense, defending.

  3. matt Says:

    I think adams is just trying to get looked at by the lions for the draft. As long as he keeps his “enthusiasm” he may go first round for the lions.

  4. sloan Says:

    wait, is adams going to play wideout in the league? because i think that’s the lions’ primary draft concern.

  5. zachary Says:

    lions need to draft jake long, hes reallllly good.

  6. sloan Says:

    so… mike hart???

  7. sloan Says:

    michigan does not feel like a team that’s upsetting florida right now.

  8. matt Says:

    michigan is upsetting me right now. how many more turnovers that would have been TDs can they have. at least, florida’s comeback doesn’t look as dominate now.

  9. zachary Says:

    i dont like florida, there female fans are better looking though, so they got though going for them.

    im gonna watch OT for the pens, buffalo hockey game. outdoors in buffalo, 73,000 fans, snow, wind darren pang. it could only be better if the redwings were playing. since i care little about these two teams.

  10. matt Says:

    zach is correct.

    my roommate says that all girls get implants by their 13th b-day.

  11. sloan Says:

    michigan does not want to win this game.

  12. matt Says:

    a fitting end to carr’s career.

  13. zachary Says:

    i think UMcame to play regarldess of the turnovers.

  14. broseph Says:

    lloyd carr goes home happy, and rich rodriguez has a long road ahead of him. meanwhile, the rest of us have to go back to school two days after new years. thanks michigan!

  15. zachary Says:

    i have till the 7th, Go Green!

  16. sloan Says:

    go illinois!

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