I have to be in Boston while McHale’s gift leads Boston to the most surprisingly excellent start in Celtics history. Then, I get back to Michigan, and my Pistons head to Beantown and take down the home team. Life isn’t fair.

Obviously Tony Allen bailed out Billups by making the kind of foul that veteran rotation guys don’t make. But the bigger problem for Boston is that the Tony Allens of the world are going to have to make important plays for them at key points in games that matter.

Kevin Garnett is better than Rasheed, Ray Allen in better than Rip. Pierce is neutralized by Tayshaun. Billups is bigger and better than Rondo. McNugget/Cwebb is better than Perkins. And our bench is much better than the Celtics bench.

The Stones, as always, are very good when they play hard and focused. They’re also geared towards the playoffs, while these Celtics seem to need the validity that comes from regular season dominance.

Despite the last two years, we’re still the class of the East. By the slimmest of margins.


3 Responses to “Bbbbbbbbillups”

  1. Kenny Says:

    Talked with Pat and Zach about this last night. The stones looked great in the 4th quarter. When they up the intensity on D they can still lock teams down. I agree that the two teams are really close. I guess we won in their building so technically we do have the slimmest edge on them at the moment, but I would expect a long playoff series if we played them. Still a long way to go in the Regular Season

  2. Pat Says:

    Has there been a more exciting game in december….ever? That game felt like a june game and was really intense and well played.

    When the pistons play like that they are capable…scratch that, they are the favorite to beat anyone outside of the spurs. Suprising that ray allen was really the guy that hurt detroit the most. Where was tayshaun on offense? Maxiell was a beast. Afflalo can contribute in important minutes!

    Linsday still can frustrate guards (eddie house) with his tenacious D. (pun!)

    I love detroit basketball.

    Let’s get stuckey acclimated now and keep developing the bench so that we can continue to win for years to come.

  3. zachary Says:

    i think rip and allen are more equal then you wrote jerry. and pierce is a lot better than tayshaun. our bench looked good. or 4th quarter d looked good. eat it boston.

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