Your newest Piston

Pat suggested I dust off this absolute classic:

That’s legitimately one of the top five most creative dunks of all-time.

You want more Herrmann? Sure mann, herre’s more Herrmann:


4 Responses to “Your newest Piston”

  1. zachary Says:

    never again do i wantto hear creed or nickelback or whoever that was.

    also, pat informs me this dudes mom, sister and girlfriend all died in the same car accident. just noting……

  2. sloan Says:

    wow, that’s crazy. i just read about it…..

    i can’t imagine.

  3. kenny Says:

    never has there been a worse collection of music chosen as the background for a youtube video featuring a random european basektball player.

  4. Kenny Says:


    The Stones just beat the Celtics in one of the bigger regular season games in recent memory. Your readers are dying for analyses!!

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