Why didn’t anyone call me about this?

I just heard about the Nazr for Herrmann and Primoz trade during the play-by-play of the Bobcats-Magic game (we also waived Ron Dupree to clear a roster spot.)

I hated the Nazr signing from the very beginning, so I’m happy to see that salary go away. Herrmann and Primoz both expire this year, and I can’t imagine Primoz will be back after that (though he was decent before all those injuries.)

Herrmann is interesting. He doesn’t look like an NBA player, but he’s six ten and can stroke the three. He might thrive with us.

While I’m here, I heard somewhere that CWebb could be coming back, and with Nazr gone there are some more minutes available. Resting for a third of the season might be good for the old fella’s always fragile physique (and he’s solely focused on the playoffs at this point in his career anyway.)


8 Responses to “Why didn’t anyone call me about this?”

  1. Pat Says:

    I just found out about the trade and came here to discuss.

    Great great great financial move. We dump Nazr’s awful contract and didn’t give up a pick to do it! AMAZING

    This gives us the ability to resign hayes in the offseason and stay under the cap. Also, it clears more playing time for Amir to fight for. Joe obviously doesn’t want saunders to have the ability to play nazr, doesn’t even give him the choice. I could see them cutting brezec if they want to add Cwebb later in the year. For now, keep him at the end of the bench and give some minutes to Amir.

    Love love LOVE this trade. Dumars shuts down Jordan again, just like the good old days.

  2. Pat Says:

    Also, just to clarify, i don’t actually dislike this deal for the bobcats. They should give Nazr some solid minutes and he will produce. Their frontline lost a ton of production when Sean May was lost for the season. Now, with Okafor and Nazr they have a legit 4 and 5. This may help them get into the playoffs. A lineup of Felton, Jrich, Gerald Wallace, Okafor and Nazr isn’t that bad of a starting 5 and is still very young and atheltic. Nazr gives them a good big man to work the glass and score from close. While he was a waste on the pistons, i think he could help them make the playoffs and they do have a ton of cap room to absorb his absurd contract. So MJ may not be making a horrible trade.

  3. Pat Says:

    I think Nazr is one of those guys who is decent and can produce when given big minutes. He’s a bottom quarter starting Center, but he’s better than anything else the bobcats had.

    He didn’t work on the pistons because he’s not an energy player who can produce and make a difference with shortened minutes.

  4. Pat Says:

    Also jerry. You should youtube Hermann in a dunk contest where he lobs the ball up and then strips his clothes off and then dunks. Just added a lot of sex appeal to the pistons.

  5. sloan Says:

    Nazr won’t be more than a warm body for 20-25 minutes, but Sean May made the good point during the telecast of the Bobcats game that his mere presence on the floor will allow Emeka to shift to his more natural PF position. Not a bad trade for them. Especially because Herrmann and GWall and Morrison and Dudley all give you pretty much the same thing.

  6. sloan Says:

    Also, this BETTER LEAD TO MORE MINUTES FOR AMIR. I’m not playing around here.

  7. sloan Says:

    And finally: think about this for a second: what if they hadn’t wasted that pick on Morrison: Ty Thomas was available, Brandon Roy was available—they had options there. They’d have quite a core developing. As it stands, they wasted a lot of cap on JRich (who I still like, but who isn’t giving them a whole ton) and now Nazr is taking quite a bit. Isn’t a first round playoff loss the absolute best scenario for this team? Where are they going from here?

  8. Pat Says:

    Sure, a first round loss is their best scenerio but you have to build things to be a winner. They need felton to grow into a really good PG and then the possibilities abound. I think the bobcats would be thrilled with a playoff birth and nazr, while he killed the pistons cap, is just another guy for charlotte.

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