The one-man audience SPEAKS

(As a disclaimer, both of Pat’s points here are in response to articles that I haven’t read.)

Pat, commenting on the rumored Rip, Tayshaun, Maxiell/Stuckey, AND two first-rounders for one measly Kobe deal:

At this point we should cheer for the lakers to tank, because then the trade could be RIP, Maxiell, Stucky and one pick for Kobe. We keep tayshaun. F(lounce) the lakers and go win some championships. I’m glad Joe didn’t do that freaking deal, jesus thats like trading half the team for one guy. Two first round picks? Doubter. Tay, Rip and Max or stuckey? doubter. Tay, Rip and next year’s first rounder I might consider but would still be concerned about. Anyways, I like the way joe talks about that. He makes it sound like when the pressure intensifies for LA to trade kobe he’ll be on the phone and ready to make a deal without including tay and we’ll go on to win multiple championships.

As much as I adore Kobe’s single-minded game, can I picture him ever playing for the Stones? Not really. An Italian-speaking score-first me-first superDUPERstar playing in Detroit? That’d be strange. But winning cures most ills.

Pat on Ben Wallace, unhappy in Chitown:

Good riddance to ben. bwahaha. I was wrong aobut chicago this season as i thought they were going to be good. Indeed they are not. They still might come around but we shall see. I like seeing ben wallace cry and whine and on a bad team. Its fun.

I completely can’t believe that. There was never a bigger BWall fan in the Stones universe than Pat. And he was an early adopter. He loved him from the very beginning.

When Sergei Federov left, Zach was pissed, but I don’t remember him openly cheering for his misfortune. Zach is probably the most vindictive sports fan I know, so Pat’s really on another level here. I don’t really know what’s going on here—there’s a disturbance in the force.


4 Responses to “The one-man audience SPEAKS”

  1. sloan Says:

    also, I like that pat drops the word “doubter” twice. Only Pat/

  2. Pat Says:

    Say you have a girlfriend and you are bragging her up to all your friends about how beautiful she is and how sweet she is and how much you love her and she meets your friends a few times and they all agree and then she goes off and leaves you to sleep with your arch enemy. Thats me and ben wallace. I loved him (despite his shortcomings) for what he did for detroit. He WAS the pistons. Then, for a few measly bucks, he abandoned me and all those who adored him and revered him so that he could go to the one team i hate more than any other.

    Hell hath no fury like Pat scorned by an NBA player.

  3. sloan Says:

    what exactly was his rationale for being pissed anyway? that dumars didn’t recognize his talents? dumars is the reason he became an all-star.

    everyone knew EXACTLY what he brought to the table. great off the ball defense, zero offense, huge late game free throw liability.

    more and more, i think chicago overspent solely to piss us off. which worked out well for stones’ fans. (except for dumars’ rash nazr signing.)

  4. zachary Says:

    if sergei put together another 50 goal season, id die happy.

    i hope ben wallace gets and money and fades away.

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