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Obama for point guard

December 28, 2007

Sen. Obama describes basketball as his “first love” and beats SI writer S.L. Price in a game of one on one. As far as I’m concerned, the election’s over.


Detroit redeems me

December 26, 2007

Despite my embarrassing lack of posting, the Stones claim number one in ESPN’s power rankings.

I hate the idea of peaking six months before it matters, but this still feels good.


December 20, 2007

I have to be in Boston while McHale’s gift leads Boston to the most surprisingly excellent start in Celtics history. Then, I get back to Michigan, and my Pistons head to Beantown and take down the home team. Life isn’t fair.

Obviously Tony Allen bailed out Billups by making the kind of foul that veteran rotation guys don’t make. But the bigger problem for Boston is that the Tony Allens of the world are going to have to make important plays for them at key points in games that matter.

Kevin Garnett is better than Rasheed, Ray Allen in better than Rip. Pierce is neutralized by Tayshaun. Billups is bigger and better than Rondo. McNugget/Cwebb is better than Perkins. And our bench is much better than the Celtics bench.

The Stones, as always, are very good when they play hard and focused. They’re also geared towards the playoffs, while these Celtics seem to need the validity that comes from regular season dominance.

Despite the last two years, we’re still the class of the East. By the slimmest of margins.

Your newest Piston

December 15, 2007

Pat suggested I dust off this absolute classic:

That’s legitimately one of the top five most creative dunks of all-time.

You want more Herrmann? Sure mann, herre’s more Herrmann:

Why didn’t anyone call me about this?

December 14, 2007

I just heard about the Nazr for Herrmann and Primoz trade during the play-by-play of the Bobcats-Magic game (we also waived Ron Dupree to clear a roster spot.)

I hated the Nazr signing from the very beginning, so I’m happy to see that salary go away. Herrmann and Primoz both expire this year, and I can’t imagine Primoz will be back after that (though he was decent before all those injuries.)

Herrmann is interesting. He doesn’t look like an NBA player, but he’s six ten and can stroke the three. He might thrive with us.

While I’m here, I heard somewhere that CWebb could be coming back, and with Nazr gone there are some more minutes available. Resting for a third of the season might be good for the old fella’s always fragile physique (and he’s solely focused on the playoffs at this point in his career anyway.)

Holy contract

December 14, 2007

I don’t have a real concrete case or anything, but Phil Jackson’s two year, 24 MILLION DOLLAR extension seems absolutely ridiculous to me.

Bill Walton is making SAS seem calm/rational

December 12, 2007

My new homey just said that T.J. Ford should retire. (He then said Cleveland was every bit as good as Orlando.)

It actually is a little unusual

December 12, 2007

Need 4 Sheed has a great video of their title figure doing “the Carlton.”

In sports, especially if you’re Zach, the tendency so often is to expect the worst to happen to our teams. So, and this might sound sad, I’d put the outcome of the Rasheed Wallace trade (namely the NBA title and his emergence as one of the most likable players in the league) as one of the top ten or so pleasant surprises in my lifetime. I’m not afraid to say it.

I guess dealing Chewbraca was the right call.

Indiana still has an NBA team?

December 10, 2007

The craziest thing about the Tinsley incident:

Thompson said Tinsley’s vehicles were struck by shots from a .223 assault rifle.

Not to be flip about terrible violence, but it’s really, really not good when someone comes after you with an assault rifle.

How do they do it?

December 8, 2007

Win or lose, this Spurs team/franchise/era/dynasty is unreal. To be playing this well with the best player in the L on the bench has to intimidate the rest of the NBA.

They get huge performances from nobody role players. All the time. It’s kind of like how the Yankees will have an early season injury in their rotation, find some random guy on the street in the Bronx, ask him to pitch, and he’ll win 14 games.