Gooden angers Matt–Youtube verification ensues

Matt on Drew Gooden:

This guy is horrible. I’ve always disliked him, even at kansas where he was the most overrated player. It’s not even his stupid haircut. He is a horrible defender, always out of position, has no offensive game, and on and on. The game against the pistons showed that he is just garbage. A pump fake by tayshawn that gets gooden to jump, and then tayshaun blows by him to dunk. And when billups mishandled the ball and then good leaves his man to go out and guard billups at half-court, only to have Billups beat him on the dribble and sink a j. The only thing I like about him is that he plays on the cavs, and the cavs think they need him. Which is the pistons only hope to beat the cavs in playoffs-if Gooden keeps play Drew Gooden garbageball.

I need to make a youtube video of this guy, I wish I had that acumen.

When Gooden signed with the Cavs, everyone said they had just replaced Boozer’s numbers at a fraction of the cost. How wrong they all were!

I think the Pistons have other, non-Gooden hopes for beating the Cavs in the playoffs (though Lebron has been playing out of his domespot. He gets better and better and better.)

Some good, short anti-Gooden vids:

Dampy says, Get out!

KG says, Get out!

Chris Bosh (!) says, Get out!

Richard Jefferson bangs on Gooden:

Best of all, Maxiell’s And 1 on Gooden (about 40 seconds in):


2 Responses to “Gooden angers Matt–Youtube verification ensues”

  1. matt Says:

    thanks for backing me up on this one.

  2. Kyle Says:

    At least you could make a decent starting five with the guys that embarrassed that tool. I’m just glad Maxiell is going to torture him for years to come.

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