There’s a league for players before they enter the NBA?

My Boston College Eagles beat Broseph’s/Gerry Ford’s/Pat’s/Matt’s Michigan Wolverines in NCAA men’s hoops action last night. I’d tell you what exactly happened, but I make it a rule to not watch college basketball before the tournament.

And then, during the tournament, I get overwhelmed by how many bad predictions I made and fall asleep.


2 Responses to “There’s a league for players before they enter the NBA?”

  1. Pat Says:

    Does anyone get espnU? Why even televise a game on there?

    I didn’t get to watch the game but it seems michigan hung in until BC sort of ran up a 10 point lead with 5 minutes to go. I was watching the gamecast. BC is a lot better at basketball at this point than michigan. The wolverines are young and raw but i think they are going to have a decent big ten run because Beilien is a much superior coach to tommy amaker. With some facility improvements michigan should be back to the NCAA tournament pretty regularly in a couple seasons.

  2. sloan Says:

    BC lost two guys to the first round (kind of) but I guess our point guard is really, really good. I suppose I should start paying attention.

    I really want michigan to have a good program again. Michigan basketball was my absolute favorite team growing up.

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