I love the internet

Via TrueHoop, an amazingly cool Google Maps creation from someone at BallHype that shows where every NBA player was born.

I was surprised when I got out here how weak Boston’s basketball culture is—and that’s confirmed by the fact that only two current players were born here.


3 Responses to “I love the internet”

  1. sloan Says:

    something I’d really be interested in here too would be an analysis of rural versus urban upbringings.

  2. zachary Says:

    detroit only with 5? thats sorta surprising. boston with a whopping 2. also surprising.

    that guy has too much time on his hands

  3. Pat Says:

    Google owns. Google maps owns. Gmaps pedometer owns. Google earth owns. Gmail owns. iGoogle owns. Google is going to own the universe soon enough.

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