Live from the Palace

While vacationing in sunny Detroit, Courtney and I met up with Keno and Broseph to take in the Thanksgiving Eve Knicks-Stones game. Much fun was had:

The view from our seats. They were better than my camera phone implies.

Both were making their Palace debut. And neither got to hear Mason make his trademark “DeeeeeeeeeeeTROIT basketbaaaaaaaaaall” cheer. What’s up with that Mason?

Myself and Kenny. Keno later discovered that I’m still harboring his other Detroit hat from about three years ago, but didn’t end up recovering it. Nice.

Trying to show that I’m wearing a Maxiell jersey. I did notice one other person (a middle school aged girl) wearing one. No Amir Johnson fans were sighted.


6 Responses to “Live from the Palace”

  1. Pat Says:

    The palace is a great place to watch a basketball game. Didn’t mason go become the PA guy for the cavs or something like that? Or was that the pistons radio guy? I thought something like this happened and it was big news…..

  2. Kenny Says:

    I decided that after 3 years the hat was pretty much yours, it had probably grown attached. Plus I didn’t think it could make the adjustment from your sparsely covered scalp to my full headed thickness. It’d be like forcing me to leave snowy michigan for arizona with nothing but spf 5. (Painful for everyone involved)

  3. sloan Says:

    I’m pretty sure it was Mason. According to wikipedia, Mason was offered a deal by Cleveland (where he’s from) but he ended up turning them down.

  4. zachary Says:

    mason is still with the pistons. maybe he said it but youre so far up the sound was still traveling by the end of the game. did you hear any of the game?

    lets go to a redwings game over christmas. get cmurd. brospeh. kenbo. maybe heintzay. perhaps kenbos broseph. then devour some lafayete coneys.

  5. Pat Says:

    Fred Mcloed the tv guy left the pistons for the cavs…and i thought mason did also so thanks for clearing that up for me. Kinda interesting they steal everything detroit related.

  6. broseph Says:

    i can’t believe in that culinary extravaganza we did everything BUT go to lafayette. i get outta school real late, but i’m always down for another trip to the motor city. and yeah zach, we heard every one of mason’s clever witticisms, and i never realized how grating they could be after the twentieth or thirtieth time.

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