The starting point guard of the Detroit Pistons

Mr. Flip Murray. What happened to the youth movement?

I’m starting to remember how much I love Chauncey.

Also, I watched the Rocks-Lakes game last night.

Advice: Yao needs to follow the Spurs example and shave. T-Mac’s elbow needs to be okay. Kobe needs to be traded.


3 Responses to “The starting point guard of the Detroit Pistons”

  1. Kenny Says:

    Flip held it down last night. 15 pts 6 boards 12 dimes, played more minutes than anybody but maxiell (weird that they both played more than RIP and Tay).

    I don’t mind flip, he just doesn’t seem to be a good fit for what the pistons try to do offensively. They use the shot clock, work the ball around, look for one good look and then go play defense. Flip is much more suited to a team like the warriors that want’s to shoot early in the clock and get the game moving faster, create more possessions etc. You can afford his more reckless and turnover prone style when the game is being played faster. I guess the hope in signing him was that he could keep playing his penetrate and kick or get to the rim style and limit the turnovers to provide a much needed change of pace off the bench. I’d say the results have been mixed at best.

  2. sloan Says:

    True, he’s not a bad guy to have on the bench. But he’s also not what I envision for the long-term Stones, so why not give some more love to AA?

  3. zachary Says:

    great commerical, the roses are out of bounds.

    i dont mind flip, just dont like when the pg. prefer when chaunce is in and hes in for rip. they would do that last year

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