The bench is parked

Doug Collins—announcing last night’s Bulls-Stones game—kept bringing up his theory that bench players do better at home games (where they feel more comfortable and can feed off the crowd) while “your starters win you games on the road.”

Though incredibly generalized, this makes some kind of internal sense to me. Has anyone ever seen a statistical breakdown of bench numbers on the road versus at home?


2 Responses to “The bench is parked”

  1. Kenny Says:

    i don’t have any statistics, but isn’t it pretty much widely accepted that there is such thing as home court advantage? My guess is that benches would have better statistical numbers at home, but i bet the same is true of starters. A more interesting analyses would be if bench players are more affected by playing at home than starters.

  2. Pat Says:

    I think thats doug collins being a coach. He probably feels his better players are comfortable everywehre but the bench guys are more comfortable at home. Also, lots of bench guys in the NBA are “energy” players and these players tend to play well when the crowd is loud and the players are excited.

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