I’ve got six minutes to recap Bulls-Stones

Now five.

The Pistons blew a very winnable game last night. Rasheed—after being the best player on the floor for most of the 48—missed two gimmes in the paint in the final minute. Then Rip had a wide open three that would have tied things up at the end of regulation—nothing but rim. It was a frustrating end to a decent performance.

—Ben Wall must have been frustrated too: he sat the entire fourth quarter. I loved Ben when he was with us, but that contract is going to be a killer (and I said that at the time too. It’s nice when I’m right about something.) The only downside to him leaving was Joe D.’s overreaction that brought in Nazr for the full MLE.
—Ty Thomas, on the other hand, looked great last night.
—Jo Noah did Jo Noah things (yelled a lot.) That was about it. I’d have to go back and look at who was available, but why did Chicago take him? He’s a skinnier Varejao on Red Bull, which is something, but they need a back-to-the-basket scorer.
—Tayshaun completely disappeared on offense. We need to come up with a phrase for these Prince invisibility nights.
—Deng/Gordon combined for a very quiet 33 points. I’d trade these guys for Kobe tomorrow.

Now I’m late. But I guess my main thing with these Bulls—and this can (and probably will) change down the line as their players develop—is that I’m never scared when watching them. I always feel like the Pistons can beat them unless we beat ourselves (which is something the Stones do quite regularly.)

In the east, you’ve got Lebron, Wade, and Gilbert who can single-handedly beat you. You’ve got teams like Atlanta and Orlando that have enough young firepower to beat you on a given night. Boston looks great so far. I’ll develop this a little more later on, but I think the Bulls need to make a run for Kobe.


9 Responses to “I’ve got six minutes to recap Bulls-Stones”

  1. Kenny Says:

    I think doug collins was making too much of tayshaun “disappearing” last night. Obviously he has the ability to provide more offense, but there are only so many shots to go around. A lot of times they will use tay in the post when sheed’s game is off, but he was so dominant that they didn’t need to use tay in that role. Plus I don’t think it’s a very favorable matchup with deng on him, especially the way RIP was owning hinrich early.

    That’s the beauty of the stones, they have the ability to find whichever one of their big 4 has an advantage and try and exploit it. They were solid offensively last night. The biggest problem is they got absolutely killed on the boards. This is going to be a recurring theme it seems like. They aren’t getting much from dyss, hopefully that’s because he needs time to adjust to this new role.

    I thought their defense was solid, but they gave up wayyy to many second chances. Part of that is the bulls frontcourt is full of good rebounders, but it’s definitely going to be an issue whenever the teams play.

    I don’t think Gilbert can singlehandedly beat the stones. Wade and Lebron can, but I have absolutely no fear of the Wiz. That’s just me. The east is getting better. It’s still early, but even though the pistons are playing pretty well I’m more and more convinced that to win this conference they are going to need stuckey to be good. Flip is solid, but they desperately need somebody who can get into the paint and create opportunities and fouls with that second unit.

  2. sloan Says:

    I don’t care about the matchup, Tayshaun—or anybody—needs to take more than three shots in 37 minutes.

    It’s funny/frustrating that for all of the talk over the offseason of a youth movement, all of our starters played at least 36 minutes, and Rasheed played 42. That just can’t happen all season if we’re going to do anything in the playoffs. Part of that is because Stuckey and Amir are banged up, but Flip has to give Maxiell more burn. Hayes continues to be a pleasant surprise (though Heintz told me this would happen, so I shouldn’t have been surprised.)

    I’m really convinced that Amir is that guy you’re talking about, creating in the paint—and not just because I need to justify my jersey purchase.

  3. Kenny Says:

    I agree that 3 is a rediculously low number of shots in 37 minutes. My point was just that Tay’s not going to be the focal point that he was in the first two games on a nightly basis.

    Regarding Amir, How can you be really convinced? We’ve never seen him play meaninful minutes! It’s so hard to get a read on how much of his lack of playing time is because of injury and how much is because he’s still not ready. I just read in the freep or news that they are going to start getting him spot minutes on this next road trip, but it’s so hard to get a feel for a guy when he plays only 6 minutes.

    “He continues to get a little bit better,” Saunders said. “We’d like to get him some minutes, but we’ll have to wait and see.”

    Is Flip talking about him getting a little better health wise, or in actually developing? Either way that’s not exactly a glowing endorsement that he is ready to contribute.


    I hate having to pin our hopes to 2 guys who we have never really seen play a meaningful regular season game. Although I guess every team in the East has these kind of question marks. The only teams with clearly defined roles and contributors throughout their lineup are San Antonio, Dallas, and Phoenix. Probably why they are the odds on favorites.

    I can’t believe how frustrated I am with the Pistons, they are 3-1 and have been to the conference finals for the past 5 years. I guess success just leaves you wanting more. I should be happy that i’ve gotten to watch a team be this consistent and successful but instead i’m pissed that in the past 5 years we’ve successfulyl developed one draft pick into a rotation guy.

  4. Kenny Says:

    That was maybe a little harsh. I love what the pistons have done. But it has been frustrating at times to watch them the last couple years. Hopefully amir, max, stuckey, afflalo work out. That would make me happy.

  5. sloan Says:

    I don’t know, I’m not sure Flip is a coach that is going to mix things up at all. And this team needs a little tweaking. Maybe Joe D. can use a little leverage on him as the season progresses.

    I think it’s okay for us to be frustrated that we translated Wade/Melo/Bosh into… three years of nothingness then Rodney Stuckey (not that he can’t eventually be good.) Plus, we let go of Okur/Mike James/someone else I can’t remember at the moment. This team could certainly be in a much better place right now.

    Still, given a few variables, we’ve got a chance to do some damage this season.

  6. Pat Says:

    Mcdyess brought less than tayshuan last night. He always starts his seasons outs slowly before playing very well later on. If he’s more comfortable coming off the bench then maxiell should be the starter. Max provides some good energy.

    Ty Thomas is a beast and he’s really young. He’s going to be extremely good in the future but you can tell his game is still streaky and he doesn’t have much offense that isn’t a layup or dunk.

    Amir needs to play. Flip’s quotes say its going to be hard for him to get minutes because he has to beat out maxiell (huh?????) when he gets his ankle completely healthy. Don’t we want maxiell AND amir to play? Why not play sheed and dyss less minutes? Why let Nazr ever play? Why let flip murray ever play?

    Hopefully joe can unload both nazr and flip for 2nd round draft picks and an expiring bad contract or something. I really dislike flip murray, i’m not sure why but i just think he’s a jacker who can NOT run an offense. I’d much rather see afflalo play and i think stuckey WILL play when he returns.

    Rip still looks a little rusty, he shot an awful % last night.

    Hayes is good, i like everything he provides.

    Does anyone else envision a pistons – bulls playoff series where sheed gets booted from a guy for backhanded Noah across the face? Can’t say i would be too dissapointed, he’s just extremely annoying.

    I think the bulls are better than u guys are giving them credit for, but if they can trade for kobe they should, just like the pistons.

  7. sloan Says:

    We need an enforcer—a Charles Oakley type—that will go after the guy that Sheed wants to punch in the head so that we can get his aggression out of the way without costing us our best player.

    Chauncey is killing me right now—he’s been playing like a damn shell of his former self. I don’t know what the solution is. Don’t big point guards like him (think JKidd) age well? They usually do, right?

    I’d hate to see Maxiell starting, because he’s our only bench energy guy right now. Though maybe Stuckey and Amir will start providing that too. And AA.

    Flip Murray makes way too many mistakes with the ball. And he jacks shots. In other words, I agree with you. I wish we could flip Flip.

    I’m not saying Chicago isn’t good—they are. But they’re beatable, and the east is getting better and better. When you talk about trading for Kobe, people respond like you’re trying to break up the Beatles. But Chicago isn’t that great. I’d give Deng and Gordon and a pick and go to war with Hinrich, Kobe, Noci, Thomas and Wallace. That team would be tough. And they’d still have Duhon, Joe Smith, Thabo, Noah.

  8. sloan Says:

    Actually, with that Chicago team, I think you’d have to start Ty Thomas at the three and start Joe Smith for some inside scoring.

  9. sloan Says:

    Is Amir horrible defensively? I really have no idea.

    Against someone like Chicago (with no great block scorer), couldn’t you run a front court of Tay-Max-Amir? In other words, I’m agreeing with Pat again.

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