In defense of my defense of Amir Johnson

Kenny brings up the obnoxious truth that my obsession with—and optimism regarding—Amir Johnson is based on very little NBA evidence.

Still, he’s 6’10”, 20 years old, and has incredible athletic ability (not always the Stones’ strongest suit.) A lot of scouts were saying that he’d have been a lottery pick if he came out last year (we got him with one of the last picks in the 2005 draft before they changed the rule about high school guys.) We also locked him up over the summer for three years at a mere four million a year (pocket change!)

Anyway, here’s the meager YouTube highlights that made me purchase his jersey and lets me envision him as the future of the squad:

Where it all began—high school dunk contest:

Lighting up the NBDL:

Extended look at Amir in the NBDL (Shocking news: Los Angeles-raised black guy doesn’t have much to do in Sioux Falls):

In the league:

Hanging out with the guys, spreading holiday cheer:

Hanging out by himself, spreading cheer among the ladies:

Uhhh… so there we have it!


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