Basketball: not well suited for radio

You can have your Patriots v. Colts—I spent my Sunday late afternoon glued to the back-and-forth of the Celtics at Toronto. I never changed the channel, but I still missed the end of the game, as the television feed reverted to a still image with four seconds left in overtime and never came back. We—I’m assuming at least one other person also skipped the Pats—then had to listen to the end of the game with only the Boston announcers to guide us.

From there, T.J. Ford (who was brilliant down the stretch) hit a three to tie the game before Ray Allen came back and hit another three to give the Cs a 98-95 victory. It would have been nice to watch.

Things I did get to see:
—Kevin Garnett (23 points, 13 boards, 6 dimes, 2 steals) was completely unstoppable in overtime. This team has three legitimate number one scoring threats, which makes defending any single possession really, really difficult.
—That being said, the Raps aren’t built too well to handle a great interior player in the first place (I could probably take Bosh in arm-wrestling.) They need to get someone with some width to bang bodies in the post. Wasn’t Charles Oakley trying to get back in the league? He’s familiar with Toronto, he could help.
—I’ve never loved Ray Allen’s game (too pretty, too polished, too perfect, too I-spend-off-days-at-museums) but he’s incredible alongside Pierce and KG. Freed of the responsibility to be “the guy”—which is tough for someone who struggles to make his own shot—he can embrace the role of unadulterated scoring machine. He was hot today, and gave the impression that he might never miss a open shot for the rest of his life.
—Coming into the season, I thought that Rajon Rondo was the biggest factor in how far the Celtics could go this year, but now I’m thinking it might be Paul Pierce. He seems like the Celtics star most given to insecurity—will he be able to handle being the Celtics’ second best player (to KG) and second best-shooter (to Ray)? He’s run this team for so long—can he handle a diminished role? Will he be able to handle the games (like today’s) where he’s cold and scores low double digits in a win? One thing he’s shown already is that his ball-handling and play-making hides some of Rondo’s deficiencies on the offensive end. If he could evolve into a Scottie Pippen type point forward averaging 18-8 with 8 dimes then the Celtics will be really, really good.
—It was nice seeing the likable Carlos Delfino playing big (if quiet) minutes for the Raptors. Add him to the ever-growing list of talented players who the Pistons’ either couldn’t re-sign or couldn’t find a role in the rotation for.
—Brian Scalabrine is the eighth man for the Celtics. Not judging. Just noting.
—The Raptors shot 36% from the field and still took the Cs to overtime. This is a team that can put a lot of ink on the stat page.
—Tommy Heinsohn is a Celtics legend, a basketball legend. But, if you’re not a Boston fan, he’s horrible to have on TV. He’s okay at first for sociological insight—“oh, this is the way hardcore Celtics backers are thinking right now.” But that gets boring quickly.

He’s the angry guy at the bar who thinks the home team has never made a mistake in franchise history and that every negative call is part of a larger conspiracy put forward by outside, malignant forces. He is the homer par excellence, the completely subjective observer. He makes Bill Simmons seem like a calm, rational Boston sports voice. And this is a guy who gets paid to commentate on the games. The only thing that could make it worse would be if they cut the video feed altogether at the end of the game and left us only with his trademark fact-free analysis. Damn you Boston!


8 Responses to “Basketball: not well suited for radio”

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  2. David` Says:

    OK…. you were listening to TV announcers.
    If you had been listening to Grande and Max, (radio guys), you would have had a different title.
    Listening to games on the radio is better in some ways.
    The radio guys are typically more knowledgeable and don’t waste as much time on bullshit.

  3. sloan Says:

    My title was misleading. Yeah, I was watching the local television guys, but then the live TV feed went out, and I had to follow the climactic finals moments of the game without visuals.

    I’ll definitely turn on the radio guys next I’m watching a Cs game.

  4. Pat Says:

    Way to love the celtics jerry. You celtic watching and celtic loving bostonian.

    Actually they are the most interesting team in the league this season and i woudln’t mind seeing them a couple of times myself to see how they are going to match up against detroit.

    Speaking of the pistons, the bench is slightly as advetised. Hayes and Maxiell are making a large impact and afflalo was able to fill in and play solid basketball when rip was out. Can’t wait to get stuckey back and please get Amir involved flipper!

  5. The Crack Staff @ Says:

    You have screwed with Heinsohn – you have 24 hours to issue an apology or you will feel the wrath of the Beast Lair!!!

  6. sloan Says:

    If I were a Celtics fan, I’m sure I would love Heinsohn’s announcing (and I always recognize his legacy as a player and coach.) But he doesn’t add too much to the telecast for Boston-based fans of any other team. But, then again, that’s not his job. I guess I apologize for implying that he should be someone that’s he not—-you know what you’re getting with Tommy when you start watching.

    Thanks for commenting, I love reading Perk is a Beast.

  7. The Crack Staff @ Says:

    Thank you for your speedy reply. We love you too but we just couldn’t have you drifting in to Marcel Mutoni Land. It is not a safe place to be!

  8. zachary Says:

    best team oriented announcer. mickey redmond. go Wings!

    # “They don’t know what a penalty is here in San Jose”
    # “Katie bar the door”
    # “You only get a few kicks at the cat” (During a playoff game that wasn’t going the Wings’ way)
    # “If I didn’t know better, I’d say the ice was slanted”
    # “He just gave him a BC (British Columbia) two-hander” (Slash or high stick)
    # “It’s a bench-clearing Donnybrook”
    # “Hold it right there, gang!” (A common call to the video playback crew for replays)
    # “There was no one going to the pop stand!”
    # “Giving (him) a little Chin Music” (Players talking smack before a fight or after a rough play)
    # “Water over the bridge, my boy!”
    # “He’s making more turnovers than Betty Crocker!”
    # “Look out!”

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