How about those Pistons?

And what’s wrong with Shaq (besides a Wade-sized gap in the Heat lineup)?

Speaking of Wade, when did the NBA get really good commercials?

Nike has always been good. Here’s Lebron’s:

And Adidas’ Brotherhood campaign:

Best of all, the new NBA ads get me every time:

If you don’t love those ads, you have no soul.

And Kevin Durant is really, really good.

What’s the over-under on how many NBA doubleheaders I can watch before Courtney leaves me?


3 Responses to “How about those Pistons?”

  1. zachary Says:


  2. sloan Says:

    That gets me through Christmas at least. I can handle that.

  3. broseph Says:

    i dont know…the whole hyper earnest explosions in the sky background music is getting a tad bit annoying. we get it, friday night lights was an effective crossover for sports and indie rock. move on already.

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