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Gooden angers Matt–Youtube verification ensues

November 30, 2007

Matt on Drew Gooden:

This guy is horrible. I’ve always disliked him, even at kansas where he was the most overrated player. It’s not even his stupid haircut. He is a horrible defender, always out of position, has no offensive game, and on and on. The game against the pistons showed that he is just garbage. A pump fake by tayshawn that gets gooden to jump, and then tayshaun blows by him to dunk. And when billups mishandled the ball and then good leaves his man to go out and guard billups at half-court, only to have Billups beat him on the dribble and sink a j. The only thing I like about him is that he plays on the cavs, and the cavs think they need him. Which is the pistons only hope to beat the cavs in playoffs-if Gooden keeps play Drew Gooden garbageball.

I need to make a youtube video of this guy, I wish I had that acumen.

When Gooden signed with the Cavs, everyone said they had just replaced Boozer’s numbers at a fraction of the cost. How wrong they all were!

I think the Pistons have other, non-Gooden hopes for beating the Cavs in the playoffs (though Lebron has been playing out of his domespot. He gets better and better and better.)

Some good, short anti-Gooden vids:

Dampy says, Get out!

KG says, Get out!

Chris Bosh (!) says, Get out!

Richard Jefferson bangs on Gooden:

Best of all, Maxiell’s And 1 on Gooden (about 40 seconds in):


Tough crowd

November 30, 2007

Doug Collins is doing the color for the Lakers game and he was asked what Turiaf prefers for his first name. Collins goes: just don’t call him late for dinner.

And gets a huge laugh.

Seriously? Don’t call him late for dinner?

That joke couldn’t get a laugh from Drew Carey if Drew Carey made the joke himself while on nitrous oxide.

Kobe has the Lakers playing so well

November 30, 2007

Who knew?

In other news, I really like Kevin Durant.

I’d buy a Drew Freeman Falcons #52 throwback.

I love the internet

November 29, 2007

Via TrueHoop, an amazingly cool Google Maps creation from someone at BallHype that shows where every NBA player was born.

I was surprised when I got out here how weak Boston’s basketball culture is—and that’s confirmed by the fact that only two current players were born here.

There’s a league for players before they enter the NBA?

November 29, 2007

My Boston College Eagles beat Broseph’s/Gerry Ford’s/Pat’s/Matt’s Michigan Wolverines in NCAA men’s hoops action last night. I’d tell you what exactly happened, but I make it a rule to not watch college basketball before the tournament.

And then, during the tournament, I get overwhelmed by how many bad predictions I made and fall asleep.

Walton is the American Joyce/Gandhi

November 28, 2007

Bill Walton’s podcast with Bill Simmons is so joyful, so full of life that it has not only made me completely reevaluate my feelings about Walton but reaffirmed my belief in humanity and love of basketball. It’s like getting punched in the head with sunshine and warm fuzzies.

Live from the Palace

November 26, 2007

While vacationing in sunny Detroit, Courtney and I met up with Keno and Broseph to take in the Thanksgiving Eve Knicks-Stones game. Much fun was had:

The view from our seats. They were better than my camera phone implies.

Both were making their Palace debut. And neither got to hear Mason make his trademark “DeeeeeeeeeeeTROIT basketbaaaaaaaaaall” cheer. What’s up with that Mason?

Myself and Kenny. Keno later discovered that I’m still harboring his other Detroit hat from about three years ago, but didn’t end up recovering it. Nice.

Trying to show that I’m wearing a Maxiell jersey. I did notice one other person (a middle school aged girl) wearing one. No Amir Johnson fans were sighted.

Sorry for being so absent

November 26, 2007

Eric Neel gets to the bottom of what I’ve been feeling—–it’s hard not to like these Celtics. Since when is it hard to hate the Celtics?

And the more I watch, the more troubling my thoughts have become. The Celtics play passionate ball, I think. They play move-the-ball ball, I admit. They’re aggressive to the hole. They defend. They play as if every game matters. They play all four quarters. Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen — the three-headed monster — seem, in everything they do, to realize that they’ve been given this wildly improbable, incredibly rare gift from the basketball gods, and they seem, in everything they’ve done so far, determined not to anger the gods, not to piss this great good fortune away.

Tayshaun and Rip for KG? Please? Please?

Everything is wrong

November 17, 2007

You know you’re about to lose a game when:

1. You let a team shoot 16-21 in the fourth quarter.
2. You make Jordan Farmar look like an all-star.
3. You’re being overpowered by Andrew Bynum.
4. Kobe Bryant is playing absolutely horrible basketball through three quarters and you still can’t maintain a lead.
5. Your point guard is Flip Murray.
6. The Lake Show throws a pass to no one, heading out of bounds, it bounces off a ref and lands in the hands of a Laker who hits a jumper.

Get well soon Chaunce. I miss you. I apologize for being so critical, just come back home.

And I also apologize to Flip Murray. He can do good things, but he can’t be a primary ball handler, especially at the end of games.

I don’t want to talk about this game, despite all the good minutes the young guys gave.

My feelings: with Chauncey and McNugget down—and hopefully this will be very temporary—we should start Afflalo, Rip, Tayshaun, Amir, and Sheed.

Maxiell was not great today. He was attacking the rim, and getting fouled (and making his free throws.) But he was also minus 23 in +/-. He’s better coming off the bench, bringing his crazy energy. Amir, on the hand, seems to need time to get settled on the floor, and adjust to what’s happening—he should start.

When Afflalo needs a break, I think you need to have Tayshaun handling the ball. There is just no flow whatsoever to what we’re doing when Flip is running the offense.

Cheikh Samb. I’m excited. Really excited.

We got completely owned on the offensive boards—NINE to Odom, FIVE to Bynum. That’s disgraceful.

I don’t want to talk about this game anymore. I’m done here. Peace be to Chauncey’s knee.

Rocks at Spurs

November 16, 2007

The Spurs had to work very hard tonight at home to beat a TMac-less Rockets squad. I’ve always been a little more skeptical about Houston than a lot of people. I love TMac, and I love Yao’s game in the abstract, but—at the end of the day—is there a single guy on there who has ever won anything? Who has any killer instinct?

That being said, the Rockets’ role players showed me a whole lot, especially Luis Scola (who the Spurs had the rights to but could never get onto their roster before they traded him.) Maybe the Spurs know something that we don’t—you have to give them the benefit of the doubt at this point—but everyone said that Scola was going to be really good and he looks really good. Not only is he big and talented, but he brings a ton of energy and attitude. He was yelling at Yao, yelling at the refs. Not passive whatsoever. He’s the most polished “rookie” in the league by about three miles. I could be wrong, but I thought the trade was bad for the Spurs at the time and it looks worse now. It’s going to come back to bite San Antonio in the alamo.